An Epoch of Clemency // The Era of Mercy

17 Okt

The Russian government has banned a photograph showing two policemen kissing each other passionately in a Siberian forest from going on display in Paris.
The image shot among the snow-covered forest of birch trees shows the two men, in full uniform, kissing on the lips and holding each other by the buttocks.

The Alexander Shaburov said he and Viacheslav Mizin had been inspired by Banksy’s „iconic image of two constables kissing“ and had wanted to do the same in Russia.
It had nothing to do with homosexuality, but was an absurdist fantasy about what could happen if everyone showed mercy and tenderness to each other, he explained.
And he commented: „Given the fact the state has banned it, we haven’t quite reached this point yet.“

Mehr über dieses Bild findet Ihr HIER.


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