Religions of the world:

28 Aug

Shit happens. (Taoism)
This shit happened before. (Hinduism)
Confucius say: „Shit happens.“ (Confucianism)
If shit happens it isn’t really shit. (Buddhism)
What is the sound of shit happening? (Zen Buddhism)
If shit happens it is the will of Allah. (Islam)
Knock, knock „Shit happens“. (Jehovah’s Witnesses)
There is no shit. (Atheism)
I don’t know whether shit happens. (Agnosticism)
Shit won’t happen, if I work harder. (Protestantism)
If shit happens, I deserve it. (Catholicism)
Why does shit always happen to us? (Judaism)
God made all shit. (Creationism)
From a distance, shit looks like a garden. (Impressionism)
Let’s package this shit. (Commercialism)
That’s MY shit. (Capitalism)
It’s everybody’s shit. (Communism)
Let’s smoke this shit! (Rastafarianism)
SNEPPAH TIHS. (Satanism)


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