serendipity 27° DER TRANSMOGRIFIER

26 Okt

„It’s amazing what they do with corrugated cardboard these days.“

„Over the years Calvin has had several adventures involving corrugated cardboard boxes, which he adapts for many different uses. Calvin is able to change the function of the boxes by rewriting the label and flipping the box onto another side. In this way, a cardboard box can be used not only for its conventional purposes (a storage container for water balloons, for example), but also as a flying time machine and a duplicator. In addition, Calvin uses a cardboard box as a desk when he is attempting to sell things. Often, Calvin’s merchandise is something that no one would want, such as „a swift kick in the butt“ for one dollar, or „frank appraisal of your looks“ for fifty cents. In one strip, he sold „happiness“ for ten cents, which was a water balloon in the face, revealing that Calvin meant his happiness.“

Der Transmogrifier erlaubt es Calvin, sich zu duplizieren, sich zu verwandeln, zu fliegen, zu verschwinden und wieder aufzutauchen.

Prokrastination und Calvin.

Calvin und Hobbes für jede Situation des Lebens.


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