While you where sleeping…

12 Aug

„A child’s cotton dress disintegrates as it becomes something else…a cloud of butterflies. ‚While you were sleeping‘ was inspired by the legend of the win-laik-pya or ’soul butterfly‘. It is believed that the soul-butterfly flies abroad when its owner is asleep, wandering through time and space, meeting the soul-butterflies of other persons and animals and returning when the owner awakes. Burmese children are still taught never to awaken anyone too suddenly, for fear the win-laik-pya cannot get back in time, in which case the person dies, or worse, lives on, without a soul.“ Su Blackwell

Okay- und ich glaube, dass Wecker unseren Seelenschmetterlingen überhaupt nicht gut tun und mit Weckern die ganze industrielle Misere erst anfing.


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