7 Jul

„On average it takes Wigan about eight weeks to complete one sculpture and there is an enormous personal sacrifice involved in his working process. Because the works are so minute, the pulse of the artist’s finger could easily destroy the entire work.

>>Wigan therefore has to control his nervous system to ensure he does not make even the tiniest movement. Wigan, when working, enters a meditative state in which his heartbeat is slowed, allowing him to reduce any hand tremors and work between heartbeats.<<

To carve his figures, Wigan uses surgical blades or hand-made tools, which he makes by attaching a shard of diamond to a pin. The sculptures themselves are made of a wide range of materials. Wigan uses for instance nylon, grains of sand, dust fibres, gold and spider’s cobweb, depending on the demands of the piece he is working on. To paint his creations, Wigan often uses a hair from a dead housefly, whilst making sure no flies are killed during the artistic process.“

Ein Link zu zehn Miniature Artists, für alle die auf den Geschmack kamen, findet ihr hier.

Und ein Link zum kleinsten Museum der Welt: Das Schubladenmuseum.


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